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Founded in 1997, Jou Jye rapidly established a fine reputation in the IT hardware component industry for supplying excellent products and meeting the highest customer demands.

Having our roots in power supply, we have successfully introduced additional products, such as PC & IPC cabinets, storage, CPU coolers, cables & adapters, and complementary accessories, which became integral parts of our business following the evolution of the computer market.

Based on previous experiences and feedback from our customers, Jou Jye started to design and develop modern products in 2011, that has earned positive response from the market.

Jou Jye's sales organization truly offers what is expected from a modern component supplier:

* Continously providing new and innovative products

* Excellent service and support

* Regular stocking and timely deliveries

* Value-for-money

* Dedication to our customers

Our skilled international team has a history of success meeting demands of markets worldwide and offering exceptional sevice in distribution, retailing, assembly and OEM selling channels through an extensive network.

Shipments are carried out through a Central European warehouse or directly by container from the production facilities in South-East Asia.

We are your reliable partner for any future businesses. If you have any question or would like to know more about our company, please do not hesitate to contact us.